EZ-Audit version 8.0.9 (coming soon)

  • Moved transmit/receive file format selections from menu to transmit and receive screens.
  • Added option to view target folder after transmit.
  • Fixed bug in Exposure Variance report, will now show class codes with descriptions or modifiers separate from the base class.
  • Resolved Infragistics licensing message.
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EZ-Audit version 8.0.8

  • Bug fixes
  • Added Tools / Show Directories option to display the directories specified in the INI files and check user rights.
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EZ-Audit version 8.0.6

  • Implemented Advanced Search screen.
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EZ-Audit version 8.0.5

  • Fixed renewal function, where old audit ID was changed and new audit ID was not set.
  • Fixed audit copy function, where addresses were not overwriting existing addresses on the target audit. Now there is an option at the bottom of the copy screen.
  • Enhanced iteration performance (looping through selected audits) on Audit Selection screen when performing functions such as delete, created PDF reports, printing tickets, etc.
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EZ-Audit version 8.0.4

  • Added Email selections and testing screen under Tools / Email Settings, incorporating new Microsoft Exchange option.
  • Added two new distributable files to the package for MySQL database, MySql.Data.dll and Renci.SshNet.dll.
  • Automatically check for program updates (for all clients, not just WMS users).
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EZ-Audit version 8.0.3

  • Reverted grid background colors for in house reviewers on the Select Audit screen.
  • Added generic program update code. The Nav Bar icon will change from green (up to date), to orange (update available), to red (update required). If an update is required you won’t be able to sync.
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EZ-Audit version 8.0.2

  • Fixed a bug on the Select Audit screen where if Max Records was set, the program could return less than the selected number of records.
  • Added record count to the non-grid Select Audit screen to indicate the number of results returned from a search. This was not implemented on the grid version of the search screen because of the ability to show row numbers (right click the grid for the Grid Settings screen – showing row numbers is an option there). Moot due to next item.
  • Removed the non-grid Select Audit screen, as it has no functionality that the grid based Select Audit screen has, and it doubles the work for maintenance on the screen, such as enhancing the search capabilities.
  • Added ability to customize background colors on Audit Selection screen (grid version) based on audit status. Access by clicking the new color wheel icon on the screen. Note that the background color for assigned audits will be overridden with red when overdue, and yellow if due date is upcoming within 10 days. The colors on the server are shared by everyone, so they are only allowed to be changed by those with EZ-Audit Admin rights.
  • On the Select Audit screen, mark records that are overdue in red, and those that will be overdue within 10 days in yellow, but only for audits in “Assigned” status. Bug fix: Previously the program was not considering status.
  • We have updated error handling in several areas, including the main menu and attachment screen in this release. In some cases we have incorporated handling where there was none before. Initially, this will likely result in more error messages, though most of them will be harmless. An example might be where we try to create a directory that already exists before copying a file. We just have to identify these areas and catch them specifically so they aren’t reported as errors.
  • Created new icon for attachment screen to distinguish from attachments of unknown types.
  • Bug fix: After add or delete attachments, icons did not refresh on Nav Bar.
  • Bug fix: Upload to Server on Attachments screen was crashing; rewrote the DOC to PDF conversion.
  • Add received audits to the most recently used list (shows with Show Recent button on the Select Audit screen).
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Improving File Transfers

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Upcoming Enhancements

Projects we are currently working on include (strikethrough on completed items):

  • Advanced audit search.
  • Calendar & appointments scheduling.
  • Charts and graphs.
  • Replace FTP file transfers with Microsoft OneDrive (for Web Management System).
  • Use Microsoft SQL LocalDB instead of full SQL. This will make installations much easier and user friendly. LocalDB takes up much less computer resources.
  • Enhanced integration with spreadsheets.
  • OneClick installation.
  • Automated program updates.
  • Ongoing conversion to new error handling protocol.
  • Interface with Nexus

Head over to the downloads page to get the latest version of EZ-Audit.

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EZ-Audit version 8.0.1

  • Upgraded to Visual Studio 2019 from 2017.
  • At startup show most recently used audits on search screen. Added [Show Recent] button to Select Audit screen. 
  • Updated navigation bar icons. Added new icons for new functionality (some of which will be implemented in future versions – stay tuned). The new icons are Home, Sync to Server, Advanced Search, Create Audit, Calendar, Charts, Program Update, Backup Database, and Feedback.
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