EZ-Audit version 8.0.0

  • This update installs side-by-side with version 7 so you can try the new features and still have the option to work with the older version. 
  • This version updates the targeted .NET Framework version from 3.5 to 4.6.2.
  • Crystal Reports has been updated to 13sp25. This requires a separate installation of either the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Crystal Reports (to match EZ-Audit, not your operating system). In order to maintain compatibility with older versions of EZ-Audit, we have included a new file named EZ-Audit.exe.config in the deployment package.
  • Infragistics has been updated to version 19.1. We use Infragistics for many things throughout the program, including grids, the Explorer Bar, and spellcheck. They have added new functionality that may not be immediately obvious, but we can explore including these features in future versions of EZ-Audit.
  • We have overhauled the error handling process. Going forward the deployment package will include a file that will allow us to pinpoint a specific error line in source code. This will help us immeasurably in finding and fixing issues. There is a lot of code, so this conversion is an ongoing project. We started with the most error prone areas, FTP and sync. The new protocol will take a screenshot and email it to support, along with the exact line number and description of the error. Note that the exact error messages and screenshots (if specified in the INI file) are also saved to your computer in this directory: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\EZA7\Data
  • There is a new option to backup your entire local database (from the File/Backup Entire Database command). Note that you should create this backup file locally, but then copy it to a USB or network drive as a backup against loss or damage to your computer.
  • When you run version 8 for the first time a new EZA8.INI file is created to provide control of the error reporting. Let’s look at the three new lines in this file:
    • EmailErrors=support@insuratek.com
      This is the email address that error messages will be sent to. Note these messages are accumulated in a mailbox that is only occasionally reviewed. Leave the email address empty to suppress sending error messages.
    • IncludeScreenshot=1
      Set this to 1 to include a screenshot in the email. Note that this screenshot is only of EZ-Audit, not your entire desktop, so no personal information should be inadvertently included. Set to 0 to exclude capturing and sending the screenshot of EZ-Audit when an error occurs.
    • SupportEmail=Ted.Wilson@insuratek.com
      This is the email address shown to users to request support.
  • There have also been changes to the way emails are sent from within EZ-Audit. We now accommodate Microsoft Exchange in a more robust manner. In order to use Exchange, you must set it up in the new Tools / Email Settings screen.
  • Another change to emails, is that any you wish to preview before sending can now saved as drafts rather than opening a separate edit window. This will allow us to remove the batch limit of sending more than 10 emails at a time.
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